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Our client is the world leader in polymer currency manufacture and implementation. This publication is designed to be help establish and maintain their position as thought leaders in the industry.

What we did

Next were responsible for the naming of the magazine, its conceptual approach and the complete layout of each publication. The name 'Specimen' is derived from the the way in which sample banknotes are marked to distinguish them from active currency.

The concept for the covers of the publications was to develop a series based on portraits which appear on banknotes published on their polymer base. Content for the magazine varied from design features to interviews and case studies.

Editions 4 - 6 were also produced as digital magazines. Next Brand were responsible for the complete authoring and development of these for both Apple and Android environments.

A phone version with pared down content was also an important part of the mix. This version précised the most important content of the respective edition with links to discover more on the client's website and an invitation to download the tablet version.