Next Brand works with business leaders who can see the future, and want to own it.
Our entire process is future oriented. We build brands around a vision of your perfect future and implement a pragmatic and structured plan to get you there.
With three areas of expertise – the Corporate Brand Advisory, making your business strategy tangible through design, our Package Design Unit and our considerable experience in Spatial and Experiential design, we are well suited to help you realise your vision for your organisation.
We are, and you are next.
Your future starts today. Our corporate brand advisory delivers proprietary solutions to propel your brand into tomorrow, today. Our processes have delivered consistently successful results for a range of businesses across several industries for over 18 years.

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Future Perfect
Next Brand has placed nearly 800 SKUs into Australia's major supermarkets over the last 8 years – an average of approximately 1 SKU every 3 days! Our depth of capability and experience in the packaging arena is virtually unmatched.

Contact Heather from our Package Design Unit on +61 404 616 601.
Silent Persuaders
Creating engaging spaces with full sensory experiences (museum spaces) and the appropriate information structures (branded signage and wayfinding systems) — From international airport signage to the ICC Cricket World Cup.

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Full Sensation
Spark* is Next Brand's proprietary corporate brand diagnostic tool. By taking a 360º degree view of your business we can identify opportunities for you to either save money, make money or build valuable relationships.

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