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Skin Only

The goal of Skin Only was to reposition our client's practice, a skin cancer clinic, against the myriad of competitors who all look ostensibly the same. Standard practice for these clinics is to use a bright orange dot or some representation of the sun to highlight the damage the sun's rays can do you. The approach is intimidating and, no doubt, discourages people from visiting these clinics — even though the risks of not doing so are extreme —especially in Australia.

What we did

Brand design and concept development, logo design, in-clinic signage, promotional poster design and website.

Our approach hinged on the name, 'Skin Only' which we were able to shorten to the acronym 'SO'. This, along with a softer colour palette, allowed us to generate a gentler, more conversational style to the brand. SO, becomes a conversation starter – 'So, you have a family history of skin cancer?' – for example. The typographic elements then also became secondary brand symbols and the brand takes on a life of its own – flexible, powerful and effective.

Despite being early in process (the brand has only been active for a few months – and with Covid 19 interrupting normal business flows, our client reports increased visitation prior to the lock-down when compared to previous years (under a different brand).