Next Brand Wins 24th Graphis Award
Lee Selsick
January 1, 2021
Next Brand has won its 24th Graphis Award in just the last 10 years.

Next Brand has won its 24th in all, and 14th Gold Graphis Award for its entry into 'Protest Posters' for our client, the Opera House. This piece of wok will now be featured in the Graphis Protest Posters book, to be published in 2023

The Opera House is a small commercial audio studio. Its point of difference is the vast music knowledge and experience of its principal. The goal of the project was to design collateral that would serve as conversations starters to promote an environment where music and composition would become a key focus of discussion.

We designed a series of posters which each featured a great classic composer with a visual twist. However, this iteration took a slightly tactical twist in that we used it to also promote Mo-vember (men's health). 

Of course, Mozart died a young man, so he was doubly appropriate for the task at hand.

About Graphis

Graphis is one of, if not the world's leading design publications. First published in 1944, we are alway proud and honoured to be included in this ongoing archive of the world's very best work.

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