It is not enough to know that brands add value, one must also know exactly how and why they do.
The Next Brand understand the process of brand value creation. We have distilled this down to three key outcomes – lowering costs, increasing revenue and creating valuable relationships.

With this in mind, we set out a roadmap to achieve all three.
Three areas of specialisation
Corporate Brand Advisory
For 17 years, we have delivered brand success through a process of visualising your brand of the future and then working to deliver it. Now, supported by our proprietary diagnostic process, Spark*, we are even better placed to uncover latent value in your organisation and deliver sustainable bottom line results.
The Packaging Unit
Next Brand have placed over 700 SKUs into Australia's major retail outlets over the last 7 years – that is 1 every 3-4 days. We can bring the expertise behind this success to your brand because we deliver pack design expertise, along with the various processes and support materials required to make successful sales into the retail markets.
Wayfinding and Spatial
The art to understanding the flow of people and how best to direct them, orientate them, inform them and otherwise engage them is one of the keys to successful wayfinding and public signage programs. In addition to this, we are also experienced in the development of museums and other expos and display areas.
Brand Diagnostic Tool
Spark is Next Brand's diagnostic tool that analyses your organisation with a 360º view of the value chain, and uncovers opportunities to either create or release latent value in your organisation – and is entirely complementary to our Corporate Brand Advisory.

Industry analysis shows that desgin aware businesses average over 400% return on their design investment within the first year — and this can potentially be much higher.

For more information, please contact Lee Selsick on the email below.