Next Brand Green

The world is rapidly awakening to environmental sustainability as a key business paradigm - one which will help define winning brands in the decades to come. Next is now able to deliver on sustainable design programs.

Going green in, meaningful, tangible, and transparent ways is now demanded by a broad group of stakeholders including consumers, corporate customers, investors, financial service providers, employees, and regulators - each of which sets its own environmental performance expectations.

Whilst sustainability is a proven means to drive the bottom line through efficiencies in resource use, savvy brands are leveraging environmental sustainability as a strategy to increase market share, their price premium, or both.

However, brands are defined by their performance and stakeholders are growing ever more capable of discerning substantive environmental initiatives from superficial “greenwashing” campaigns.

To help you navigate to this issue, Next is partnering with Malk Sustainability Partners – a consultancy focussed exclusively on working with clients to evaluate their environmental performance and to develop strategies that harness the power of environmental sustainability – to bring a synergistic way of integrating organisational environmental change into your brand strategy in a meaningful and efficient way.